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News & Events

June 2019

  • Hannoch Marksheid presents Nurami Medical at the Hong Kong-Guangdong Joint Investment and Partnership Mission to Israel.
  • Nurami’s team is busy in production. Dr. Amir Bahar, Rodaina Omar and Dr. Harel Kasuto.
  • Nurami celebrates Housewarming Party!

May 2019

  • We are proud to welcome Dr. Henry Brem to our Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Brem is the Harvey Cushing Professor of Neurosurgery at The Johns Hopkins University, Director of the Department of Neurosurgery, and Neurosurgeon-in-Chief.
  • Nora Nseir, our co-founder and CTO was selected among 4 finalists at the EU Woman Innovator 2019.
  • Nurami presents at the 2019 BIOMED Startup Pavilion
  • We are proud to announce that our ArtiFascia First-in-Human clinical study has been successfully completed, including follow-up period

Dr. Henry Brem

April 2019

Dr. Amir Bahar and Hannoch Marksheid represent Nurami at the San Diego 2019 AANS.

March 2019

Nurami’s clean-room and R&D and manufacturing lab are fully operative

February 2019

  • Dr. Amir Bahar, Nurami’s COO and Clinical Manager lectures at the Annual Conference of the Technion Faculty of Biomedical Engineering.
  • Hannoch Marksheid, Nurami’s CEO, will participate at the RESI Europe in Vienna on March 2019.

January 2019

  • Nurami granted its first patent in China.
  • Nora Nseir Manassa, Nurami’s CTO and co-founder, is participating in the MarketReachAmerica, a program by the Israeli Innovation Authority and Maryland Israel Business Development.
  • Nurami moves to its new facility in Haifa.

December 2018

Dr. Michael Schulder, one of the top neurosurgeons in the NYC and an internationally known expert in treating brain-tumors joins Nurami Medical’s Scientific Advisory Board.

December 2018

Dr. Harel Kasuto, experienced life-science executive, joins Nurami Medical as Production Manager.

November 2018

Nurami Medical participates in MIW 2018, a US-Israel Technology event in NYC.

September 2018

Hannoch Marksheid, experienced life-science leader joins Nurami Medical as CEO.

August 2018

Nora Nseir-Manassa, Nurami Medical’s Co-Founder and CTO selected as one the most influential women in Israel by Globes.

July 2018

Nurami Medical is honored o receive a $2M equity investment from Zhongguancun Translational Medicine Science & Technology, Beijing Jishi Daze Biological Science & Technology Center and Beijing BASIBA Biomedical Engineering Science & Technology Development Co.

June 2018

Nurami Medical initiates it’s First-In-Human clinical study

June 2017

Nurami Medical announces the appointment of Prof. Andrew Kaye, a leading Australian KOL, to the advisory board.

May 2017

Nurami Medical participated in the 16th MIXiii-BIOMED 2017 Conference, Tel Aviv.

March 2017

Nurami Medical participated in the annual Israeli Society for Medical and Biological Engineering (ISMBE) conference”, Haifa.

December 2016

Ms. Nora Nseir Manassa, CTO of Nurami was chosen by Saloona-web as one of the women “in front” in 2016, pioneering their field.
Saloona Website.

November 2016

Nurami Medical participated in the Mind the Tech Conference in London, which gathered top tier economy and government representatives from Israel and the UK in an invite-only high-tech and innovation event.

October 2016

Nurami Medical was awarded the European Commission’s “Seal of Excellence” Award, for its project proposal “ArtiFacsia Nanofiber Dural Substitute Patch for Next Generation Surgery “. The award is granted to high quality projects that have been evaluated in a highly competitive process.

September 2016

Nurami Medical participated in the EANS 2016 – the 16th European Congress of Neurosurgery.

February 2016

Nurami Medical announces the appointment of Doron Birger as the Chairman of the board.