ArtiFascia® Brings Superior Sealing and Adherence Capabilities


Burst Strength

Burst Strength of ArtiFascia®
vs Inter Cranial Pressure

Suture Retention Test

Suture Retention Strength of ArtiFascia® vs. suturable DuraGen®

Tensile Test

Tensile Strength of ArtiFascia®
vs. suturable DuraGen®

Adherence Strength

Adhesive Strength of ArtiFascia® vs. DuraGen®

Tensile Test

Sealing features of ArtiFascia® vs. DuraGen®

Main Conclusions

  • ArtiFascia® prevented leakage of saline under different physiological pressures (tested for 30 min.)
  • ArtiFascia® demonstrated better suture retention compared to saturable DuraGen®.
  • ArtiFascia® showed superior tensile strength as compared to DuraGen®.
  • ArtiFascia® showed excellent adherence properties without sutures, when tested on a wet film of collagen under increasing burst pressures (of air).
  • ArtiFascia® can withstand pressure of over 90mmHg (saline) before leakage occurs.