Revolutionizing Soft Tissue Repair


There is an unmet need for an innovative soft tissue repair product that combines between the regeneration and the sealing functions. Nurami’s Innovative Solution: ArtiFascia® is a porous Dural regeneration patch made of synthetic biodegradable nanofibers, with a special sealant built in.

ArtiFascia® Solution for Dural Repair

ArtiFascia® addresses the drawbacks of today’s state-of-the-art dural substitutes:

  • No post-operative leakage
  • No need to use a liquid sealant
  •  Zero risk of transmittable diseases because it is made of synthetic medical-grade polymers
  • Low risk of infections because it does not allow entry of pathogens and does not support bacterial growth
  •  No risk of adhesions to the brain because it is extremely thin and light
  • Supports the regeneration of native dura membrane and then biodegrades
  • Superior strength and flexibility
  • Retains sutures well and actively seals leakage from suture holes
  • Easy to handle and conforms well to the surface of the brain
  • Natural, dura-like thickness (<0.5mm)
  •  Significantly low production costs

ArtiFascia safely integrated with local tissue